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Community Forest Resources Rights:

Tribal and other forest dwellers always had a symbiotic relationship with forest and natural resources which makes the backbone of their lifestyle and sustenance. These forest dependent communities have always been protecting and managing their customary forest landscapes for generations in order get the perennial services of that. The traditional knowledge and practice that sustains their forest and resources, paves through their generations.  

Community Forest Resources means the customary common forest land within the traditional or customary boundaries of the village or seasonal use of landscape in case of pastoralist communities including reserved forest, protected forest and protected areas such as Sanctuaries and National Parks to which the community has traditional access. This watershed legislation of the Indian constitution, Schedule Tribe and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006, has recognized the pre-existing rights of the forest dwelling communities on the community forest resources for protection, conservation and management within the customary boundary which they have been protecting and conserving from generations for sustainable use. It gives the authority to the Gram Sabha to adopt local traditional practices of forest conservation and management within the community forest resource area.  

Our team works in different districts of Odisha and Chhattisgarh with CSOs, Sangathans, individuals and administrations to support the communities in filing claims for their community rights. We work for the capacity building of these stakeholders through training, workshops and orientation programs to build their knowledge to facilitate the process on ground. We extend technical support for carrying out its effective implementation. Our team works for developing training manuals, IEC materials, posters, pamphlets and other learning documents to build the knowledge of above stakeholders.  


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