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VASUNDHARA - Democratising Natural Resources Governance

Community Rights:

The substantive part of tribal livelihood depends on the forest resources. In addition, their culture, tradition and lifestyle floats around the forest land and deeply connected with their practice and behaviour. To establish the rights of access and control over natural resources over customarily used forest land including the community tenure, community rights bestows with a set of rights to the communities mentioned Section 3 (1) and Rule 2 (c) of FRA. This defines the rights of access, use and control of the communities on the forest land for nistar, NTFPs, water bodies, grazing, cultural places, biodiversity, intellectual property, traditional knowledge, habitat rights of PVTGs and pre-agricultural communities, conversion forest, ursurveyed or any such villages to revenue villages excluding the hunting, trapping or extracting any body part of wild animal  

Our team works in different districts of Odisha and Chhattisgarh with CSOs, Sangathans, individuals and administrations to support the communities in filing claims for their community rights. We work for the capacity building of these stakeholders through training, workshops and orientation programs to build their knowledge to facilitate the process on ground. We extend technical support for carrying out its effective implementation. Our team works for developing training manuals, IEC materials, posters, pamphlets and other learning documents to build the knowledge of above stakeholders.  



Democracy, Equity, Social Justice and Ethical Development

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