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Vasundhara has collaborated with various state and non state actor to ensure sustainable forest based livelihood. We have received support from donors including: the Ford Foundation, Action-Aid, the Biodiversity Support Programme, GEF-UNDP, Centre for World Solidarity, Marra Foundation, NABARD, Department of Science and Technology ( DST), Government of India, UNDP, Concern World Wide India, and the Humanist Institute for Cooperation in Developing Countries (HIVOS) and Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives ( APPI). In addition, we have collaborated with different research organisations for collaborative research projects; these include: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Natural Resource Institute (NRI), Regional Community Forestry Training Center (RECOFTC), World Wildlife Fund-India, Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES), and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Vasundhara has collaborated with Research and Development Institutes IIT,New Delhi, Institutes of Mineral and Materials Technology ( IMMT), Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Ambedkar University, Tata Institute of Social Science ( TISS), Institute of Livelihood & Research Training, Hyderabad,

Vasundhara has been collaborating with the Government of Orissa, particularly with ST & SC Development Department, Tribal Development Cooperative Corporation of Odisha Limited (TDCCOL), SCSTRI etc especially for directing policy reforms and addressing livelihood in the forestry sector. We have been facilitating interface and dialogue amongst NGOs, activists, and the Government of Orissa, and provide occasional inputs to the Government of India’s Planning Commission.

We are also an active member of the National Network on CFR-LA and its various sub-networks, including Ecological and Economic Research Network, Gender & Equity Sub-Group, Institutional and Training Sub-Group. In addition, we are active in international and regional networks on community forestry.


Democracy, Equity, Social Justice and Ethical Development

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