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VASUNDHARA - Democratising Natural Resources Governance

Sustainable Livelihoods & Economic Democratization :
Mr.Manamohan Barik
ManamohanBarik joined Vasundhara in October 2008. He has 18 years prior experience in many grassroots NGOs such as GRAM VIKAS, TSRD, and Water Sanitation Hygiene & Promotion Network. He is a Graduate in Arts with post Graduate Diploma in Rural development. He has received Project management and Development Training from IRMA, Ahmadabad. He is also awarded with many honours and awards including “PratibhaSamman2008” for his contributions to the social development sector. Email:- manmohan@vasundharaorissa.org
Mr. Biswanath Tung
Biswanath initially joined Vasundhara in 2001 as an administrative support staff. Gradually he has become involved in field activities, especially in facilitating NTFP cooperatives in theKuchinda area. Currently he works with BananiMahilaSamabaya Sangha, a union of local primary cooperatives, facilitating business and marketing undertaken by the cooperatives inBarkotblock of Deogarh district..Email:- biswanath@vasundharaorissa.org
Ms.Bhagyalaxmi Biswal
Since joining Vasundhara in 1998, Bhagyalaxmi has been involved with the capacity building of federations of community forestry groups, community institutions, and women’s groups. Her efforts have led to a remarkable increase in women’s participation in the federation, and in bringing their livelihood issues to the forefront of the federations’ agenda. Her prior experience includes working with self-help and thrift groups in the Nayagarh District of Odisha. She is a graduate of Utkal University and has a Diploma in Rural Development from I.G.N.O.U. as well.  Email:-bhagyalaxmi@vasundharaorissa.org
Democracy, Equity, Social Justice and Ethical Development

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