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Orissa, an eastern state in India has…


43% of total landmass as forestland and 17% of total forestland is covered with dense forest.

More than 10million people critically depend on forest for their livelihood.
In general forest provides 20-40%of gross annual income to the marginalised section of the state in forestlands and women play greater role in forest based household economy.
53% of total forest fringe villages are actively involved in community based forest protection and management. And
Orissa represents the only state in India where self-initiated forest protection activities have taken pioneer work and successful in managing the forest ecologically to greater extent.
Orissa Flora: Rich in floral diversity. Atleast 27 taxa endemic (like Eria meghasaniensis and Oryza jeyporensis)
Rare and endangered fauna: Royal Bengal Tiger, Black Buck, Salt water Crocodile, Irawadi Dolphin
Around 8111.55 sq.km i.e., 4.2% of Geographical area and 11.4% of forest area of Orissa have been declared as Protected Areas.

Democracy, Equity, Social Justice and Ethical Development

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